"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." ~ Psalm 46:1

Every year thousands of pets are surrendered to animal shelters simply because their owner could not care for them due to long term medical treatment, entered hospice care or passed away. That is what Good Shepherd Animal Refuge, Inc. is here for. We offer foster care and assistance with pet care for those in need so that owners can keep their pets and keep these precious animals out of overcrowded shelters.

A word from
our Founder

Growing up in suburban Pennsylvania, pets were always part of our lives: cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, turtles - you name it, we had them.  These animals were always considered part of our family. I couldn't imagine life without them.

My first rescue animal, Sid, my tabby cat was diagnosed with FIV before I adopted him at age 3 and was given only a short time to live. 11 years later he finally succumbed to old age, but had a long and happy life.

Several years later, we adopted Cali from a local animal control - our first canine rescue - a White German Shepherd who is now our Alpha. After Cali came our second canine rescue, Sugar, then Precious and Caleb - they are part of our family.

Over the last few years, we have also become temporary foster parents to many other animals. It has been such a joy to see dogs who had been suffering in various ways, become healthy, playful and find 
warm and loving permanent homes.

In the midst of all of this, I had decided to make a career change and went back to school.  H
aving always had a passion for volunteer work and being involved with a variety of organizations, I pursued a degree in Human Services and ultimately focused my interests on the non-profit sector in my studies.

My drive to help people in crisis combined with my passion for helping animals in need stirred within me what I felt was a God-designed calling.  As a result, Good Shepherd Animal Refuge was born as a volunteer organization that serves the needs of both people and their pets.

A word from 
our Alpha

Mom tends to get a little nervous when she has to speak publicly, especially about herself.  So one day she asked me if I would be the spokes-dog for Good Shepherd Animal Refuge.  "Of course I would," I barked...so here goes.

My name is Cali and I love helping people and so does my mom. I love hanging out with my dog friends and so does my mom. I know that's why she started this organization.  I know my mom loves me and all of my friends. 

She rescued me years ago from a horrible place.  All my friends, one by one, were suffering and even dying and I was sick and thought for sure I was going to die next.  But, just in time, in walked mom and dad and found me.  They told me that God, The Good Shepherd, had led them to me at that moment just to save me.  My life has been so filled with love and joy ever since.

Mom is always telling people the story of how she was saved by The Good Shepherd also.   And, ever since He saved her, her life has been filled with love and joy too. She says that He is the only Good Shepherd and she reads about Him to herself and other people all the time. She says that He came to love and save us all. 

I know it is His love for her that motivates my mom to want to show compassion to others.  She knows how much other people love their pets and wants to help them by taking care of their pets while they are going through difficult times.

I think that is great that mom helps those people and their animals...but, it's also great for me.  Because I get to meet and play with all sorts of new friends all the time.

I hope you enjoyed the true story of Good Shepherd Animal Refuge.  Let us know if we can help - I'll be waiting!

Rome, GA 30164  |  info@gsarga.org
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